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BlackBerry Key2 Review – Tailored For Keyboard Fans With Some Stellar Tricks Under The Hood

The BlackBerry Key2 is not a modern-day, all-screen device but something designed specifically for BlackBerry lovers. One of the latest BlackBerry flagships, it is tailor-made for the BlackBerry fans who might be struggling with the modern-day make-believe keyboards and fancy using a physical one on their new handset. It’s a durable handset, strengthened with an aluminum wrap and a leather-like soft-touch grip. Excited to find out more about this BlackBerry? Here’s our complete BlackBerry Key2 review.


Designed for the business elite, the BlackBerry Key2 is a screen-and-keyboard productivity handset made slimmer and lighter compared to the older KeyOne. The design has become more refined now, and it comes with straighter sides with more sophisticated side buttons. It is made stronger with an aluminum frame, and the rubberized soft-grip makes it comfortable to hold.

The keys have received an upgrade from the older KeyOne, becoming larger and gripper with matte-coating. The spacebar incorporates the fingerprint sensor too.

The headphone jack is placed up top, and you get dual down-facing speakers next to the USB-C port. All the side keys – including volume keys, power button, and customizable shortcut button – are now accommodated on the right side of the device.


The display is identical to the one we received in the KeyOne. It’s a 4.5” 1080x1680 screen that delivers nice, bright, and sharp visuals. The color production is pretty decent, and the viewing angles are excellent. The brightness levels are good enough to read everything on the screen, even in the sunniest settings.


The BlackBerry Key2 comes with a dual-camera setup at the back with two 12MP sensors. The main camera has an f/1.8 aperture while the secondary lens offers a narrower f/2.6 aperture. The secondary camera serves as a telephoto zoom.

The front camera is an 8MP snapper, and it is good enough for casual selfies and video calling.

The camera is not the best feature of this handset, however, and you can’t expect it to capture photos similar to what you get with most of the pricier flagships from the competition. Considering the fact that the camera is not the main selling point of this phone, though, it gives decent shots. It can also record impressive videos with 1080p resolution at 60fps and 4K resolution at 30 fps but lacks stabilization.


On the inside, the BlackBerry Key2 is very similar to many other mid-range phones. It is powered by a Snapdragon 660 chip and does the heavy-lifting with 6GB of RAM. The storage starts at 64GB. It is fast and snappy in everyday use. You can quickly switch between apps, and they load in a snap. It may not be the best option for gaming, though. That’s particularly because of its screen-and-keyboard design.

Battery Life

The BlackBerry Key2 packs a big 3500mAh battery inside that can easily last a couple of days depending on how you use it. Even with extensive use, you can expect the battery to last through the day.

Overall, the BlackBerry Key2 is a good choice for BlackBerry die-hards as well as anyone who wants to use the handset purely for emails and messaging. At Bulk Mobiles, we’re the trusted provider of smartphones in the UK. Check out the best deals now!

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