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& Returns

Shipping Policy

We cater for all orders from different countries and therefore ship globally. All our orders are shipped directly from our UK warehouse for prompt delivery of your order. During busy dispatch periods it may be preferred to have your order dispatched directly from our service warehouse in Europe to meet with our delivery window for your order. This does not affect delivery time nor will you incur any import tax bill for your country with our Import Guarantee.


We have close links with many courier services so your order will be shipped via Royal Mail, Yodel, DHL, TNT, UPS, Hermes UK. During peak dispatch times your order may be shipped via an alternative courier service to ensure prompt delivery of your goods. Should any other courier service be used, you'll be notified upon dispatch.


UK - 8 - 21 Working Days

Outside UK - 10 - 21 Working Days

Return & Exchange Policy

Returns & Refunds: All orders made are eligible for a refund under our 14 day money back guarantee. The item must be packaged with all contents originally supplied at time of purchase, in a saleable condition.

Exchanges may be available depending on stock availability - a wait period may apply up to 3-5 working days for retail and 7-21 working days for business & wholesale.

*Please note any goods sent in under our returns and refunds service is sent in at your own delivery cost. We are not responsible for any return delivery charges. You also agree to use a trackable / traceable delivery service for us to confirm the return. We do not accept any liability for parcel loss that you have arranged postage to ourselves for.


Please note: For all business-to-business orders we reserve the right to deduct a 25% admin fee for returned items, where faults are deemed not found/does not exist and of box sealed new condition. Should the returned items be found/deemed with no faults  and not of boxed sealed condition, we reserve the right to deduct a 50% admin fee to reflect the fall in market value and usability of such conditioned items not usually sold within the business and clientele. For business-to-consumers items (retail) or where the total quantity of products on a particular order is less than 3 units, this does not apply.

Large Order Cancellation Policy

Due to the various administrative work, purchasing and sourcing responsibilities that derive from large orders, most undertaken work and processes will be non recoupable for the business. Due to the this, we have imposed the Large Order Cancellation Policy to protect the business from abuse of cancellations and therefore minimise loss of business profits and expenses incurred for the works. 

For orders subject to our large order cancellation policy, order total must reach 50,000 or more in any currency. E.g. £50,000 (GBP) or more, $50,000 or more. The below sets our guidelines for order values from this amount upwards and contracts any party who transacts with Bulk Mobiles and or any other trading or affiliated names or legal entities of the business. 

Cancellation Fee - Large Orders:
If you wish to cancel your order, you must advise the business of this within 14 days of making your order payment in writing by email. This will subject your order to a 20% admin charge as outlined in the reasons above. 

Return of Goods:
You will be obliged to return the goods to us if already received at your own cost.

Period for Refund:
Due to the large order value you agree that such time more than our normal processing times, will be needed to arrange clearance and processing of the order and facilitate a refund to yourself in 28 - 56 working days. 

By making any order totalling 50,000 or more in any currency and submitting payment whether in batches totalling or in one single amount of 50,000 or more, is sign of your agreement and acknowledgement of the Large Order Cancellation Policy. 

Any verbal or non verbal agreements made with any members in the company other than the registered directors or line of executives in the company will not hold against this policy and therefore this policy supersedes any other agreement.

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