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Samsung Gear Sport Watch Review – A Fitness-First Smartwatch With Great Functionality

Smartwatches are often expected to deliver fitness or style, but you get a touch of both with the Samsung Gear Sport. While it wasn’t really a big upgrade from its predecessor, the manufacturer did try to work on the aesthetics and offered a slimmer and smaller product. Nevertheless, it’s still worth it with the older Gear S3 taken off the shelves. Why you should go for it? Let’s try to find out in our Samsung Gear Sport Watch Review!


From the looks of it, the Samsung Gear Sport isn’t too sportier compared to the older Gear S3 Frontier. However, it sports a more refined design, with the bezel getting much smaller scalloped edges. You also get smaller lugs and more squared edges on the 42mm case of Gear Sport. Its dimensions are more compact at 44.6 x 42.9 x 11.6, and you get something lightweight on your wrists. It’s a well-machined smartwatch that comes with a clear screen, a strong shell, and a robust glass top.


The Samsung Gear Sport Watch features a 1.2” Super AMOLED display. It offers the same clarity and vibrancy that you expect from a Samsung Watch, but you can expect it to be a bit on the darker side. Just beef up the brightness a little, and it will be pretty much legible all the time.


The Samsung Gear Sport packs a 1GHz dual-core processor with a punch of 768MB of RAM. It also offers 4GB of on-device storage. All these specs combine to make your watch snappy at everything it does. Rotate the bezel and switch between screens instantaneously, and you’ll notice all the menus are quite responsive. Everything is laid out quite intelligently too. There are customizable widgets, quick access features, and much more to make your experience worthwhile.

Fitness Tracking

With its focus on sports and fitness, the wearable offers some useful capabilities. It offers GLONASS and GPS for accurate distance and location tracking. The Gear Sport also comes equipped with a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer, and a barometer to track all types of movements. It can also track your sleep. Combine it with its 5ATM water resistance, and it gives you everything you need for tracking most of your workouts. There are plenty of workouts available in the Gear Sport, from running, swimming, or cycling to the more obscure options. In fact, you can even use its automatic workout-tracking feature to track whenever you are physically active, even if it’s just a 10-minute walk.


Gear Sport was the first ‘Spotify Watch’ to hit the market, but there are other options available today. It can sync your Spotify tracks and would be your perfect partner for those active runs around your neighborhood.

Samsung even offers a mini app store within its Gear app to let Watch users install new watch faces and apps they like. While it doesn’t have all the apps you get with Apple’s watchOS, it still gives you access to MyFitnessPal and MapMyRun – a couple of robust apps for fitness geeks.

Battery Life

The Samsung Gear Sport Watch is pretty much on par with other smartwatches as far as the battery life is concerned. It comes with a 300mAh battery that can last through the day of normal use. It comes with the wireless cradle charger – the same you got with the older Gear S3.

If you can make peace with not having the luxury smartwatch features available on most new models, the Samsung Gear Sport Watch would offer good value for your buck. Check out your options at Bulk Mobiles UK, and you’ll surely bag a good deal.

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