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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review – Better Tech In A Foldable Phone But With A Big Price Tag

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 made a few headlines on its release for having a more durable design alongside S Pen support and some better multitasking features. Those who used it were all praise for one of the best foldable phones to see the light of day yet. It certainly is a perfect device for most power users. Wondering what it packs inside? Let’s explore this in our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review.


The handset retains the same book-like design of its predecessor, and a few design tweaks here and there give it a distinct identity. It comes with a 6.2” Cover Display and a big 7.6” main display that is revealed when you unfold the device. The satin-like finish on its rear makes it resistant to fingerprints and lends it an attractive look.

The manufacturer also improved the hinge used in the Z Fold 3, and we now have more durable materials used as well. Samsung calls it a solid Armor Aluminum body that resists scratches and sustains well in case of accidental drops. The Gorilla Glass Victus display also has a part to play in the durability of the device.

The back camera has been redesigned to make it less bulky than its predecessor. It now looks more elegant and pleasing to the eyes and blends well in the overall scheme of things. The under-display selfie camera has been quite a design highlight, and the display is also expanded with thinner bezels on the top, side, and bottom. The speakers are placed at the top and the bottom, while the fingerprint sensor is mounted on the side of the device.


The big 7.6” screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 remains the main draw for this tablet-like foldable smartphone. It’s an AMOLED display with 2208 x 1768 resolution and a 24.5:9 aspect ratio, making it a perfect choice for reading ebooks, surfing the web, and playing games. Samsung has used an Eco display tech to make the screen 29% brighter than its predecessor.

The Cover Display is 6.2” – keeping the dimensions same as the Z Fold 2 – and it’s a bit tight considering that tapping the keys on its narrow keyboard can be a challenge. Both the display panels offer a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate to ensure smooth performance and scrolling.


The smartphone features a triple camera setup on its rear. It features a 12mp (f/1.8) main sensor, a 12mp (f/2.2) ultrawide lens, and a 12mp (f/2.4) telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom capabilities. The cameras produce decent shots, but they’re not groundbreaking snappers by any means. The photos come out bright and sharp with punchy colors, and you can play a few tricks with plenty of camera modes on offer.

For selfies, Samsung has used a 4mp (f/1.8) under-display camera, with the punch-hole hidden through a pixels’ patch when idle. However, this camera doesn’t produce great results, and the photos captured aren’t too sharp. For better results, you can rely on the 10mp (f/2.2) selfie camera on the Fold 3’s Cover Display. In fact, you can also take selfies using the main cameras, thanks to the folding nature of this handset.


The Galaxy Z Fold 3 packs a Snapdragon 888 chipset inside that, combined with 12GB of RAM and 256GB/512GB storage, delivers the punch. It is fast enough for seamless multitasking and also makes for a gaming powerhouse. You can count on it for those graphic-intensive games.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 features a 4400mAh battery, a bit smaller than the one on the Fold 2. You might notice that if you’re a power user, but on a day of regular use, it will give you enough uptime to last through the day. The phone supports 11W wireless charging and 25W wired charging.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 would be a perfect pick for you if you’re an artist or a note-taker who loves doing their stuff on the go. You may also find it a perfect device if you’re looking for a big-screen phone for gaming and videos. While the phone has a big price tag associated with it, Bulk Mobiles UK brings you the best deals on the market. Explore now and grab your Fold 3 for a bargain.

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