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Samsung Galaxy S9 Review – A Quick Upgrade From Older Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S9 may not be the newest of smartphones around, it still is among the best out there. It is also the more affordable handset as compared to the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S20 series. In fact, even the contemporary Galaxy S9 Plus doesn’t match the price point. There are some worth exploring features that come in Samsung Galaxy S9 and here we have detailed them in our Samsung Galaxy S9 review. Design Samsung Galaxy S9 wasn’t really a big design upgrade from the older Galaxy S8. Rather, the manufacturer focused its design efforts towards small, and mostly unseen, tweaks which result in a better experience overall. They added some gimmicky new features that could capture the viewers’ eye in the commercials. Overall, its dual-curved design looked as sexy as S8. Camera The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S9 really was one big upgrade, especially the one at the rear. It featured a new, improved 12MO sense and came with better image processing features. The major change in the lens is that it can now switch physically between a brighter f/1.5 aperture and a small f/2.4 aperture – just the way bigger cameras do. The smartphone also comes equipped with a second camera to achieve portrait mode and zooming effects similar to the Note 8. Besides, the manufacturer claims major low-light improvements built into their new camera courtesy of its new lens which is capable of reducing image noise by capturing more light as well as improving signal processing. The general perception is also that S9 can snap great pictures even in low light settings. Performance The Samsung S9 offers great performance as it is running the latest processor of its time from Qualcomm, features 4GB RAM, and also comes with an LTE modem which extends support for achieving much faster gigabit speeds. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is quite snappy and very responsive and you can expect quick app launches and smooth scrolling. It is equally impressive when it comes to the network performance and some even claim that it’s even better than the iPhone in their experience. AR Emoji AR Emoji could be termed as Samsung’s replica of the Animoji feature that Apple introduced in its iPhone X. It works by scanning your face and producing a unique 3D Bitmoji-like character mapping 100 different points on your face, which might even resemble you in some cases. Some reaction GIFs are also created using that same character and you can send those using your keyboard. The feature also allows you to make video clips using some weird-looking animals, just the way it’s possible with Animoji. Battery Life The Samsung S9 comes with a 3000mAh battery which gives you good enough battery life. However, if you are a heavy user, you may find the battery life a bit of a concern because it will deplete too quickly to your liking. Nevertheless, Samsung S9 is still a good choice even today – especially if you are crazy about the brand itself and won’t like to navigate away to other options. It’s certainly worth an upgrade from the older S8.

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