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Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – A Great Android Device At Quite A Bargain

When Samsung introduced the Galaxy S8 in 2017, it was among the best phones at just about everything it used to do. Whether it’s making calls, taking photos, playing games, or connecting to the internet, the smartphone impressed everyone. Now, even after a few years, the Galaxy S8 hasn’t really lost its worth and can rather be a great android device at a bargain. Let’s share our Samsung Galaxy S8 review with you.


The Galaxy S8 comes with the idea of delivering the biggest possible screen on a smaller device. Samsung decided to shrink the bezels and bend the device’s edges to achieve a bigger screen with a small form factor. The design of the Samsung S8 is proportionately narrow and tall. It measures 5.86”x2.68” while the screen size is 5.8”. Another thing about the phone is that it is quite slippery and you’d want to buy a case to make sure it doesn’t slip out of your hand.


The Samsung S8 boasts of a 5.8”, 2960x1440 Super AMOLED display that’s among the best out there. It comes with saturated colors as well as great blacks and feels quite bright. The 18.5:9 aspect ratio makes the display a bit smaller compared to what’s actually claimed by the manufacturer.


When it comes to performance, the Samsung S8 is quite a powerhouse in its very class of smartphones. It features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip. In addition to that, it features 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, and a microSD slot for times when you need some extra storage. Combine all these specs, and your Galaxy S8 will beat all the other similar Android smartphones out there. However, its performance will still fall short of the iPhone. Nevertheless, it feels quite snappy when you run it.


Samsung S8 comes with a 12MP rear cam which ostensibly is the same as that of Galaxy S7. Don’t be disappointed to hear that because the manufacturer made quite a few major software enhancements in the S8 camera. Besides, the front cam comes with a higher-resolution, 8MP sensor giving you noticeably better photos regardless of the shooter being used.

The best of all the tweaks is in the multi-image photo processing feature that mimics the HDR+ mode from Google Pixel as it can take several pictures as you press the shutter, picks the best of them, and enhances the image with some extra details.

Battery Life

Smartphones with bigger screens often come with a challenge to manage their battery life appropriately. The Galaxy S8 comes with a 3000 mAH battery which performs better compared to that of the S7 and lasts for around 2 hours more.

With the release of the S8 smartphone, Samsung really wanted to provide something extra to the users. The aim was to build an ecosystem pretty similar to that of Apple, as the device featured sophisticated software like the Samsung Connect app to control smart home gear as well as the Bixby assistant. Obviously, things could have been far better, but at least it took them a step further in that direction.

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