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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review – A Great Handset Of Its Time That Came Loaded With Features

When the Samsung Galaxy S7 was launched, it really was one stellar phone. Packing a great battery, strong camera, and some amazing raw power, the handset came at quite an affordable price. If you are still interested in buying Samsung S7 even today, considering the affordability factor, here we have a complete Samsung S7 review for you to give you some insights into what you can expect when you buy Samsung Galaxy S7. Design In the first look, the Samsung S7 gave pretty much the same vibes as the older Galaxy S6. In fact, it looked almost identical. That was, primarily, because the manufacturer used the same premium glass as well as metal finish which was used in the S6 device. Look at it closely, however, and you’ll notice some subtle differences, giving a better feel to the newer Galaxy S7. The rear curving makes the phone nicer and easier to hold while the smaller bezels allowed for a secure grip too. The device is waterproof and gives you added security too. Display The Galaxy S7 features one of the top displays available on a smartphone and offers crisp and clear colors with amazing contrast ratios. At first glance, you might feel like the smartphone has the same screen as the QHD Super AMOLED display that featured in Galaxy S6. Well, it still comes with a 2560x1440 resolution and offers a pin-sharp 577 ppi pixel density. So, with that, Samsung has certainly made things better in the Galaxy S7. The auto-brightness is good and offers better outdoor visibility. One great addition is the S7’s always-on display. Overall, it’s a wonderful display and offers something for a change. Camera You can expect crisp photos from the 12MP camera of Samsung S7 and it counters low-light interference efficiently in every dark setting. Even though the camera offers fewer megapixels compared to the older S6, it still gives you better photos. The whip-quick autofocus of this camera also makes it better compared to anything that featured in the older smartphones, allowing it to grab clearer photos of moving objects, such as swaying flowers. It’s not just that the photos look great on the sharp screen of Galaxy S7, they even looked great on the enlarged laptop views. The camera also features optical image stabilization allowing photos not to be blurred no matter how they are captured. On the front, S7 features a 5MP camera which performs just okay and is not-so-special. Your selfies might look overly harsh or even fake at times. Performance The powerful performance of the Samsung S7 is something worth talking about this smartphone. It features a powerful processor (Snapdragon in the US, Exynos in Europe) which really doesn’t come as a surprise in a flagship phone. The Exynos 8890 is an octa-core processor that offers huge processing power while the Snapdragon 820 is a quad-core chip that doesn’t lag behind either. The reason behind offering Snapdragon for the devices shipped to the US was that it extends support for some important LTE bands needed by Sprint and Verizon customers. Overall, both the processors deliver great performance with 4GB RAM and have excellent speeds when it comes to opening apps and closing them. Battery Life Battery life was the major issue with the older Galaxy S6 but it’s just fine in the newer Samsung S7. It comes with a 3000mAh battery and that makes a big difference in battery life. You can think of your S7 as a charge-every-night device. Now, if you are ready to grab a bargain, order at Bulk Mobiles UK – the trusted provider of smartphones at wholesale price. You’ll get authentic devices and they’ll be delivered to your doorstep in a snap.

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