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Nokia 2720 Review – A Feature Phone That’s Worth Checking Out

If you want to buy a feature phone from the Nokia Mobile “Originals” family, the iconic Nokia 2720 Flip should definitely be on your priority list. Here we have a Nokia 2720 review to give you the feel of this new classic.


The Nokia 2720 is a nicely designed feature phone offering compact dimensions alongside some soft curves. With its compact design, you can easily hold it or put it in your pocket whenever you like. To be precise, it’s 54.4mm in width and just 104.8mm in height while it is closed. When open, the height becomes 192.7mm.

Even though the design is pretty good overall, users might experience an ergonomic issue when they make a call as we’ve become used to those “flat” phones more than anything else. The hinge in the Nokia 2720 does not let it extend completely by 180 degrees which means it will require some getting used to before you could feel comfortable with it.


The Nokia 2720 comes with a 2MP sensor which isn’t great. The camera app does offer a few options such as setting timers, grid and flash. You can expect reasonable photos for such a phone when captured in good light. However, the camera shouldn’t be your deciding factor when buying the 2720 flip.

If you want to capture videos often, your Nokia 2720 allows you to record them in “Low, Standard, and High” resolution settings. You can turn the flash on/off as well.


Measuring diagonally, the screen is 2.8-inch and that’s certainly the biggest you can find on a Nokia feature phone. Expect a small screen resolution, though.

There are lots of bezels on the device’s “inner front”. The Nokia logo is placed just above the screen. The logo won’t fall off as it’s been placed just under the plastic/glass cover.


It comes with a 4-Directional D-pad, a back and menu key, a couple of navigation keys, and the call response keys. There’s a standard 3x4 numerical keypad as well which is in the T9 layout.

Even though the keyboard is all-good, you might find its “upper” section a little too crowded. So, expect to press different keys unintentionally when using the keypad. You may also find the D-pad to be a bit on the smaller side.

Other Features

Some other features included in the Nokia 2720 are Wifi (802.11 b/g/n), GPS, and Bluetooth 4.1. It offers more than enough speed when using the 4G connection. Of course, you can’t expect it to offer a solid Wifi chip which usually comes in the most flagship smartphones, but it’s still good enough for a feature phone like this.

Battery Life

It comes equipped with a 1500mAh battery which offers long life for all types of use. The battery capacity is certainly more than enough for such a phone.

So, overall, the Nokia 2720 comes with a nice design but the manufacturer could have improved its build quality a little further. With its bigger screen, it’s a little easier to use compared to its smaller counterparts. Overall, you can expect a decent experience using Nokia 2720 flip.

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