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Blackberry P’9983 Porsche Design Review – An Upgrade To The Keyboard Handsets

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

If you’ve been a fan of Blackberry’s premium phones, you’d be happy to know that their aging Q10 handset has received a makeover all thanks to Porsche Design. Here we have a detailed Blackberry P’9983 Porsche Design review to give you some insights into the little gadget. Let’s find out what you can expect from your Blackberry P9983 Porsche Design. Design and Build We must admit that the new and improved P9883 device comes with a hefty price tag but that’s well worth it considering the serious design overhaul it has received. The chassis has been revamped while the stainless steel machined Porsche Design logo that we’re all familiar with comes stamped right above its 3.1” screen. The curved appearance from the older Blackberry Q10 has been transformed into something way more angular courtesy of its stainless steel edging. It weighs almost the same as the older Q10 model making it 140g for the new release. The back of the device has been quoted using a “special glass-weave technology” which looks cool too. However, it can instantly catch the fingerprints and you need to be mindful of that when buying the device. Display The Blackberry P’9983 Porsche Design comes with an IPS LCD screen that offers 720x720 resolution. In comparison to the regular smartphones, the screen of P9983 looks more beautiful though. You can expect great image quality even in the close-up, especially when the device is being used for the VR. Camera It features an 8mp rear camera while the front camera is 2mp. Talking about the rear camera performance, it’s pretty much the same as any typical smartphone. The problem, however, is that you may not get satisfactory results when it comes to longer distance photography. Overall, it delivers great! Keyboard QWERTY Keyboard has always been a salient feature in the BlackBerry devices, something that actually sets them apart. So, expect the same with your P’9983 Porsche Design as well. The keyboard incorporated in the device is made using glass-like PMMA plastic to add to its durability. The keys have been shaped in a way to make a unique pseudo-3D effect. It features raised buttons with a silver font that are quite comfortable to type with. If you’re a touch-screen addict, however, you might find it a bit odd to use the keyboard. Performance The Blackberry P’9983 Porsche Design features a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor that came in the Q10 original. However, it’s received a boost when it comes to its internal storage taking it to 64GB from 16GB in the older model. For more storage, microSD card can be used as well. The P9983 boasts of 2GB RAM to give you the speed you need. Besides, the operating system has also been touched to increase its power efficiency. Battery Life The handset comes with a 2100 mAh battery which, according to the manufacturer, can give you 14 hrs of talk time. With these great features, Blackberry P’9983 Porsche Design is certainly something worth investing in. If you’re planning to stay a bit old-school, this is the phone you should grab for yourself now!

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