• Taha Khan

LG V30 Review – A High-Powered Package At An Affordable Price

LG V30 is an impressive device even today after its three successful years on the market. In fact, the V series smartphones that came from LG have all been impressive, and they were welcomed by everyone who wanted a device with powerful photo, video, and audio features. The phone came with a design refresh and had plenty of camera features to bank on as it gave a tough time to its competitors. Let’s check it out in detail and have a complete LG V30 review.


LG V30 came with a new glass design competing with many other similar smartphones on the market at that time. The phone boasts a glass body both at the front and back while there’s a metal frame in between. Even though you can expect the glass to gather fingerprints, it is not too slippery as one might expect. It comes with rounded sides and corners with a bit of taper along its edges to get a more comfortable and sleek feel.


The LG V30 uses a 6" POLED display that offers an 18:9 aspect ratio along with a QHD+ or 2880x1440 resolution. According to the manufacturer, it’s a “Full Vision” edge-to-edge display. The minimal bezels and aspect ratio make it feel more manageable compared to other 6” devices despite the fact that it’s not a one-handed device by any means. Overall, the display quality is great with vibrant colors and amazing contrast.