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LG K8 Review – A Budget Phone With Basic Features On Offer

The LG K8 is a budget phone that may have a lot to offer, depending on what you need from your smartphone. Of course, it won’t have those high-end features that you get with today’s modern devices, but if you want a bit of tech in your life the LG K8 will do a decent job. If you are looking for a phone that does fine with day-to-day stuff without breaking your bank, you should explore more about the handset in our LG K8 review.


LG made a shift from the metal-clad design of the K10 to a gripper outer plastic shell in the K8 devices. The grid-like design makes it nice to hold. The camera is now placed centrally right on top of the fingerprint scanner, which is another nice feature to have in a budget phone.

Even though it’s a budget phone, it doesn’t really give that feeling when you hold it in your hand. It’s not too light and doesn’t show too much flex when put under pressure. That certainly showcases its high-end build.


The LG K8 comes with a 5” IPS display that uses the In-Cell technology of LG to help improve the display quality. It’s certainly better than the basic LCD displays you can find in other devices on the market. The contrast ratio looks great, and the color reproduction is nice. The resolution may not be the best, however, as you get 1280x720p with this screen. The pixel density is 279ppi.


You can’t expect a world-beating camera in a budget phone, and that’s exactly the case with LG K8. It comes with an 8MP sensor that produces decent results for a cheaper camera phone. The front camera is a 5MP lens, and it is accompanied by a front-facing flash to flare up the screen when you capture photos. An interesting camera feature is the Flash Jump shot which lets you snap multiple photos and convert them into shareable GIFs.


The LG K8 is powered by a Mediatek MT6735 chipset. It’s a quad-core CPU that is accompanied by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. In overall use, the performance feels a bit lagging, especially considering the fact that it’s a quad-core CPU. Apps like Google Chrome load a touch slowly.

Battery Life

The phone packs a 2500mAh battery inside. It lasts long enough for such a low-end phone with minimal specs.

Overall, there may not be too much to laud about the LG K8, but it is still a good pick for those looking for a budget-friendly device that offers a decent experience in everyday use. It’s a low-end device that offers almost all the basic features you would need. At Bulk Mobiles UK, we bring you the best deals on the market. Grab a bargain now!

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