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Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold - The First Foldable Tablet PC Makes Headlines In 2020

We’ve already had foldable phones to witness in yesteryears but 2020 has come with many surprises. Yes, this year we saw the first foldable tablet PC – the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold. The technology, despite being in its initial stages, looks quite promising and the new foldable PC made quite a few headlines when it debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. Let’s run you through this new offering from Lenovo and find out if it’s any good or just a gimmick to capture customers’ attention.

What’s Inside

The new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold is a fully functional tablet PC that boasts of a 13.3” 4:3 foldable OLED screen which you can bend into half making it exactly the same size as that of a hardcover novel. Even though there is a discernable crease around the middle of the screen, similar to the one we saw in Samsung Galaxy Fold, it is not too distracting as was the case with the smartphone screen.

The screen does come with a slightly chunkier bezel but it looks cool in the overall scheme of things. It offers 2048x1536 px resolution which matches the quality of the crystal-clear 9.7” Retina Display that comes in Apple’s iPads.

Made using a combo of lightweight allows with carbon fiber, it comes covered in a leather folio cover that lends it a more luxurious look. Your new foldable PC is powered by Intel Core Processors using Intel Hybrid Technology and runs Windows 10X. There is optional 5G connectivity on offer as well to give you a truly portable and wireless experience.

Give It Whatever Shape You Like

There are three different ways you could fold your new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold. You can turn it into half to serve as your mini laptop; use it completely unfolded and propped up using its inbuilt kickstand, or you can also turn it into a typical table.

Whatever way you like to mold your device, it is possible to type on the screen directly or using an optional Bluetooth Mini Fold Keyboard. When using it as your mini laptop, you can secure the wireless keyboard to the screen’s bottom half using magnets.

A Perfect Choice For Consuming Content The Way You Like

When unfolded, the new X1 fold makes a perfect choice for consuming touch-heavy content courtesy of its 13.3” OLED display and under 2.2 pounds weight.

When used in the landscape mode using its kickstand that comes inside the leather case, you can review your latest presentations like never before and annotate them as needed. The Mini Fold Bluetooth Keyboard can be used effectively in this mode too.

When it is folded closed, the Bluetooth keyboard is kept inside and is charged wirelessly while it is secured using magnets.

The OLED display combines with Dolby Audio to give you an impeccable experience as you watch your favorite video content. You can also use its Active Pen stylus with your documents.

Even though the technology has seen its first iteration, it looks pretty promising and we have had great reviews from the tests performed on the device. It could potentially make our tablet PCs smarter and more portable than ever.

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