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iPod Touch 7th-Generation Review – Apple’s Smallest iOS Handheld With A Little Capability Punch

Apple gave its iPod Touch devices a modest upgrade back in 2019, with the smallest iOS handheld getting a slight capability punch in terms of CPU specs. The hardware upgrades in the 7th generation iPod Touch allowed users to run AR Apps while also getting Group FaceTime capability. Want to learn more about Apple’s smallest handheld? Check out our iPod Touch 7th generation review!


The latest iPod Touch comes with a 4” screen and feels a bit tiny by all modern standards. Despite its relatively thick bezels, it is small in size and can be barely felt in the pocket. You can easily operate it with one hand.

The device comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack allowing you to use the same old wired headphones with your new iPod Touch if needed. Aesthetically, it looks pretty attractive, and there are multiple color options to choose from.


The iPod Touch 7th-gen comes equipped with an A10 Fusion chip, offering it a healthy speed boost. That’s certainly a big upgrade from its previous model that featured the older A8 CPU. The hardware upgrade makes it reasonably fast, providing it with enough power to run most of the modern apps and games without a glitch.

For the first time in the history of this product line, the new iPod Touch featured 2 GB of RAM. The improved processing power, combined with the RAM upgrade, makes the most compelling feature of this little handheld. However, the A10 chip that comes in the iPod Touch devices doesn’t perform as good as the same chip featured in iPhone 7. It appears that Apple has intentionally restrained its performance to improve battery life.


The iPod Touch 7th-generation comes with an 8MP main sensor with an f/2.4 aperture. Unfortunately, it is not as good as the latest smartphone cameras and is not too impressive with HDR. The low-light performance is poor too. Your kids can use it to record 1080p videos at 30 fps and will have some cool editing features using iMovie.

The front camera is only 1MP and is capable of shooting 720p videos. It does a decent job as long as there is not much dynamic range.

Group FaceTime And Augmented Reality

While the older iPod Touch model didn’t offer support for augmented reality and Group FaceTime apps, both the features are available in the iPod touch 7th generation. With Group FaceTime, more than 30 users can simultaneously connect to a FaceTime call. Previously, the capability was available for audio calls only. Even though the iPod Touch 7th-generation supports AR apps, it may not be a very appealing feature considering the small 4” display of the device.

Battery Life

The small iPod comes with a tiny battery, but it offers enough uptime for most users. With your iPod screen off, you can expect more than 30 hours of music playback over a WiFi connection on a single charge. When streaming videos at maximum brightness, it gives you around 3 hours of watch time.

The iPod Touch is the smallest and the cheapest iOS device on the market. It appeals to the parents of small kids the most with its performance and versatility as an education and gaming platform. The low price is also a big selling point of the device. Grab the best deals at Bulk Mobiles UK now!

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