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iPhone 12 Pro Max Review – A Big-Screen Phone With Outstanding Cameras

If you have been planning to upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro, your best bet would be the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The handset is the bigger version of the iPhone 12 Pro, but it does come with some other perks as well. With a 6.7” display, it’s the biggest display to feature in the iPhone 12 lineup. But the phone also offers the best and the most advanced cameras among its peers. You can also expect a relatively long battery life. Want to dig out some more details? Let’s do a complete iPhone 12 Pro Max review.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a gigantic device that offers you an immersive and expansive display – a treat for avid gamers and video streamers indeed. You’ll always have more content on your screen, and a bigger keyboard will make typing easier too.

The sleeker flat edges add a premium touch to the design. While the shine on the edges looks amazing, it’s a magnet for the fingerprints too. The notch remains quite large as well.

The Pro Max is also a bit heavier and tougher, with a Ceramic Shield display going at the front. It is rated to offer 4x better drop performance and also secures the IP68 rating for water resistance up to 6 meters underwater.

At the back of the phone, you can spot a three-camera setup that sticks out much further compared to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. That’s because the Pro Max features a larger sensor for pulling in more light.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a big 6.7” OLED display that may be smaller than the 6.9” display featured in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra but is relatively brighter, offering 654 nits of brightness on average. You’ll surely enjoy the explosion of colors on your iPhone screen when watching your favorite shows. It is also among the most color-accurate displays out there. Besides, the sturdy Ceramic Shield display is immune to breakage in case of a sudden drop. Apple also claims it to be scratch-resistant.


One of the biggest selling points of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is its flawless camera that is, literally, the best among all the phones in the iPhone 12 lineup. The rear camera array features three 12mp cameras, including a standard wide camera, an ultra-wide lens, and a 2.5x telephoto zoom. The ultra-wide camera and the main shooter now offer a Night Mode too. On the front, you get a 12mp TrueDepth camera with an f/2.2 aperture.

If you’re looking for the outright best camera experience with your iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro Max should be your pick. Here, you get a bigger sensor courtesy of its larger dimensions, allowing the camera to absorb a lot more light so that the pictures captured are clearer and brighter. Besides, the main lens also comes equipped with a faster f/1.6 aperture as well as a LiDAR sensor to ensure faster autofocus too.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most powerful among the competing devices courtesy of its A14 Bionic chipset. It also packs the punch of an upgraded GPU and 6GB of RAM. With these specs, it is tailor-made for gaming and multitasking. Like most flagship phones, it can handle almost every app in regular everyday use.

Battery Life

The phone packs a 3687mAh battery that you can expect to last for almost 11 hours of continuous use with 5G connectivity. The 12 Pro Max offers you the best battery life possible among the competing devices.

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