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HTC U11 Review – A Smartphone With A Wonderful Camera and Amazing Audio

For those HTC fans who can’t even dream of switching to any other brand, HTC U11 is really good news. The phone comes with an impressive list of specifications, and it is one of the most desirable phones in many ways. You can talk about unique design, form innovation, a wonderful camera, and the list goes on. So, let’s have a quick HTC U11 review to give you a feel of this wonderful smartphone.


The HTC U11 boasts a unique liquid surface design that gives you two color shades at once allowing you to get your hands at it in Silver and Black models. In reality, they look more like blue/purple and black/green respectively.

The phone features a fingerprint scanner placed on its front side, inside the home key, and it works just flawlessly. One of its most striking features, however, is the rounded glass that lends it a more premium feel. Even though the design is that same “black rectangle” that you may find in many other smartphones out there, but the U11 comes with a unique foundation of striking colors and quality build.

Despite its 9.1mm thickness at the peak, which comes mostly from its rounded back, the smartphone feels rather nice when you hold it in your hands. However, the larger bezels make this phone a bit bulky.


The HTC U11 comes with a 5.5” display that easily ticks all the right boxes. It is a large QHD display that is pretty clear and bright and offers a resolution of 1440x2560px. The screen is vivid enough that it can easily compete with the wonderful infinity edge design of the Samsung S8. However, for some, it may feel slightly dim and the auto-brightness feature may not work as perfectly as one would want.


HTC U11 comes with a 12mp camera that captures some stunning, detailed photos and offers great performance in low-light settings. It also features a pro shooting mode with lots of manual controls. There are sliders, custom presets, and the optional RAW output – everything you’d want on your high-end smartphone camera.

The phone comes with a 16mp selfie camera that produces great shots as well. It offers three different modes i.e. selfie video, selfie photo, and selfie panorama. They all work pretty well.


The HTC U11 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor chip that is faster and efficient and doesn’t even ruin your battery life. The 4GB of RAM makes it even snappier. The phone delivers great performance with instant app launches, camera launches, switching between apps, searches, game loads, and the phone unlocks.


One of the unique design features of HTC U-11 is the Edge Sense – just squeeze your device’s bottom half from the sides and it will activate different features. You can tune this pressure sensitivity just the way you like and the phone will do whatever you’ve configured it for when squeezed. The default settings launch the device’s camera when squeezed. And, when the camera app is in focus, squeezing will trigger its shutter.

Battery Life

The U11 comes equipped with a 3000mAh battery that lasts long enough. It also uses a Boost+ tech to keep your usage in check and optimizes battery life accordingly.

Overall, the HTC U11 is a great camera phone and offers some innovative new tech. It makes the cut for HTC lovers.

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