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Google Pixel 5 Review – An Affordable Device With Camera Quality In Focus

Google has made quite a few strides in the smartphone market in recent years. With Google Pixel 5, we saw a strategy shift from the tech giant as they introduced an affordable flagship for the masses. At the same time, however, the handset lacks the features and specs to compete with other top-tier devices. The focus of Pixel 5 remains on doing what most Pixel phones do best – offering a perfect, simplified camera experience along with a clean Android interface. Let’s explore more about this handset in our detailed Google Pixel 5 review.


As the smartphone manufacturers had switched to glass backs for enabling improved signal transmission, Google Pixel 5 is the first phone to feature a metal back after a long time. The design features metal on the sides as well to give you an all-in-one body that we rarely see today. That also makes the design much more resilient to damage from routine wear and tear as well as serious drops.

The phone has a more matte-like finish and the texture on it feels interesting. The texture may not be too appealing but it does offer a solid grip.


The 6” Full HD Plus punch-hole display of this device is sharp and remains one of the best things about the Pixel 5 experience. From its more manageable compact size to thin bezels, bright screen, and 90Hz refresh rate, the display featured in Google Pixel 5 is just wonderful. You may not get the QHD resolution or chart-topping brightness, but it is still bright enough and renders colors nicely.

The punch-hole display houses the front camera and offers a much better screen-to-body ratio as compared to the older Pixel 4. While its high refresh rate may drain your battery faster, the effect it creates is worth it.


The Google Pixel 5 comes with a 12.2MP primary shooter that is accompanied by a 16MP ultrawide lens. The main camera features autofocus with dual phase detection and electronic and optical image stabilization. The ultrawide camera gives you a 107-degree field of view but lacks autofocus and EIS/OIS. You also get an 8MP selfie shooter with an f/2.0 aperture.

Overall, it captures great photos with well-balanced exposure, a high level of detail, and a great dynamic range.


To make the phone more affordable, it was only natural for Google to compromise a bit on specs. It features the Snapdragon 765G chipset that certainly is not the top-tier hardware. It is paired with 8GB of RAM to allow the device to breeze through a variety of tasks from web browsing to gaming and playing different media. The phone doesn’t really slow down and gives satisfactory performance even with more high-end games but you can expect a few animations to hitch. In our opinion, it may not be too impressive, but it’s not disappointing either.

Battery Life

The Pixel 5 comes with a 4080mAh battery that can last through a day with HD video streaming over WiFi while keeping the brightness to maximum. The package includes an 18W fast-charging adapter. It also extends support for reverse charging and wireless charging.

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