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Google Pixel 4 XL Review – A Standout Camera Phone That Scores Average On Other Features

While Google Pixel 4 XL is a very decent device with a simple design and a solid camera, it lags behind other Android flagships on the market. The improvements to the interface and the camera suite give it some leverage though, allowing it to still be a preferred choice for many. Want to take an in-depth look at Google’s android phone? Here is our detailed Google Pixel 4 XL review.


Google’s Pixel 4 XL comes with pretty much the same dimensions as the older version. The lock button is still on the right side with the volume rocker placed just below it. The SIM slot is available on the right too, but it lacks support for microSD. Both matte and glossy finish alternatives are available when it comes to its rear glass.

The camera bump is prominent but the phone gets rid of the notch. Though it makes the top bezel a bit thicker now, you can have a seamless, uninterrupted screen experience as you consume video content.


Google Pixel 4 XL comes with a 6.3” OLED display that’s almost the same as its predecessor featured. It also offers the same QHD+ resolution, but the 19:9 aspect ratio is slightly longer. Some of it goes to the reinstated bezel on the top.

The new improved display comes with a better 90Hz refresh rate and makes zooming around the games and apps pretty smooth. There’s HDR support on offer as well offering vivid clarity in streaming videos. The color temperature of the display automatically adjusts to the environment courtesy of its new Ambient EQ feature.


The phone comes with a 12.2mp main shooter with a slightly better f/1.7 aperture as compared to the older model. You can expect the shots to be a little warmer compared to other devices, but it offers amazing clarity in the background. The foreground is stunningly clear as well, and you can get depth effects easily from the basic shots.

It also features a 16mp telephoto lens with an f/2.4 aperture. Both the cameras take advantage of the HDR+ algorithms of Google to improve image quality.

The 8mp front-facing camera is also there, but it lacks the dual-setup that featured in the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. However, it comes equipped with a 3D ToF sensor to offer portrait depth to the front cam.


The Google Pixel 4 XL comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset that may not be the most advanced but certainly isn’t a deal-breaker. The phone is snappy at doing most of the tasks and features Adreno 640 graphics chip that powers your favorite games without a glitch. The 6GB of RAM also makes the phone snappier.

Battery Life

The battery life you get with the Pixel 4 XL isn’t too impressive compared to other flagships on the market today. It packs a 3700mAh battery which, certainly, is an upgrade from the Google Pixel 4, but drains out quickly.

While Google Pixel 4 XL may not perform too well on most of the features, its camera still offers a great experience. Overall, it could be a good choice depending on what your preferences are. Buy Pixel 4 XL at Bulk Mobiles UK and grab some of the best deals around.

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