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Google Pixel 4 Review – Google’s Flagship With Industry-Leading Tech

We have long seen Google’s smartphones that come with exceptional cameras. When it comes to Google Pixel 4, however, it’s something more than just the cameras. Without a doubt, this one does come as one of the best camera phones around, but other aspects of the smartphone might also grab your fancy. Let’s have a detailed Google Pixel 4 Review and explore its wonderful features. Design As far as the design goes, the Google Pixel 4 may not be anywhere close to the Apple iPhone 11 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10, and that’s primarily due to the chunky bezel on top and the blocking camera lens array towards the back. Still, however, it is not really something you’d call ugly – particularly, in the coral or white colors making a contrast to its glossy back. The textured sides make handling easy and comfortable. Display The Google Pixel 4 boasts of a 5.7”, 1080x2280 OLED display that works perfectly fine. It comes with an aspect ratio of 19:9 and there aren’t any complaints regarding color, brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. Overall, it’s one quality panel. The 90Hz max refresh rate allows for super-smooth gaming and scrolling. Camera One major upgrade that came with the Google Pixel 4 was the introduction of a second camera at its rear. The phone features a 12MP main camera and it’s assisted with a 16MP telephoto lens that offers f/2.4 and 52-degree field of view. This new addition allows for an improved zoom, enhanced portrait photos, and better shots in the low-light settings. The telephoto lens also allows you to zoom in without having to compromise on quality. The 8MP front camera offers f/2.0 and 90-degree field of view, giving you perfect selfie shots every time. However, it misses out on that wide-angle front cam which came with the Google Pixel 3. You can also capture much better pictures courtesy of its software and AI features. The astrophotography and Night Sight mode are notable additions too. Performance The smartphone comes equipped with Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 855 chipset that offers it a lot of grunt. To complement it, there’s improved RAM as the Pixel phone receives its first-ever bump. The 6GB RAM is certainly something that can give your smartphone a performance boost. You can expect great speeds whether you are scrolling through your apps are playing your favorite video games. Battery Life Google Pixel 4 offers a less impressive battery life, which is pretty unfortunate. The 2800mAh battery makes it through a day at most when put to average-to-heavy use. If you can manage to recharge every evening without getting annoyed, you shouldn’t have any problems here. So, if you have been looking to upgrade from Google’s Pixel 3, Pixel 4 would certainly worth it. It comes with an industry-leading camera, intuitive Face Unlock, and super-smooth display that certainly combine to give fierce competition to other competing models. However, it may not be good enough when it comes to battery life.

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