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Galaxy S10 Review – A Compact Smartphone With Infinity-O And Beyond

Samsung had designed the Galaxy S10 smartphone to be a true conversation-changer, a handset that is attractive and powerful enough to even compete with its successor – the Samsung Galaxy S20 that was launched with improved cameras, faster speed, and 5G capability. If you’re not looking for the latest models, Samsung’s older flagship phone is still among the top-tier devices out there with cameras and specs that can compete with the better phones in 2020. Here is our Galaxy S10 review for those looking for a compact smartphone. Design The Galaxy S10 comes with some notable improvements in its design compared to the older models. It has a thinner aluminum frame that comes sandwiched between the smooth glass and you can pick the back color of your choice from Flamingo Pink, Prism Blue, Prism Black, Prism White, Prism Green, and Canary Yellow. Remember, however, that the colors available will vary from one region to another. The camera bump at the back is very small and houses a triple-lens camera array. There aren’t any signs of the invisible reverse wireless charging module under the camera array, however. Overall, it is a pretty clean look among smartphones with rear-fingerprint sensors and camera bumps. Display The Samsung S10 comes with a 6.1” 19:9 Super AMOLED display panel which is way better than any other screens that the brand sells to its rivals. The display is also known to offer the most accurate colors ever. It also boasts of some elegant curved edges while the pixels spill over its sides. The brightness has been amped-up to offer better visibility outdoors, and it also extends support for HDR 10+ to give better color and contrast. Another great aspect of the Galaxy S10 display is its QHD+ resolution that delivers a 550ppi pixel density to ensure highly detailed images appearing on the screen. The default setting is Full HD+, however, which looks equally good and you can’t notice any difference unless you are in VR mode and the device is only a couple of inches from your face. Cameras The major difference between the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 Plus is that the Plus variant offers an extra 8-mp, depth-sensing camera at the front to ensure better selfies. But both the smartphones have a selfie-portrait effect that allows for other effects as well including black & white backgrounds and wind-swept. Those effects are achieved in S10 using software rather than an extra depth-sensing lens. The S10 features an ultra-wide-angle module at its back to ensure a perfect, versatile triple-lens setup. Behind that is a 16MP sensor that delivers images as you’d expect from a 16MP lens. The smartphone carries the remaining two cameras from the older S9+ and the Samsung Note 9. There’s a 12MP sensor in the primary module with 1.4nm pixels as well as dual-pixel phase-detect autofocus. The lens is stabilized as well. Performance The S10 comes equipped with Qualcomm 7nm Snapdragon 855 processor alongside 8GB of RAM, and can easily match the speed of the larger S10 Plus. The 8GB RAM is certainly a big upgrade from the older S9 which featured only 4GB. The newer model also offers 128GB and 512GB internal storage – the choice is yours. Battery Life The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a 3400 mAh battery which is good enough to last through most part of the day without requiring a recharge. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a compact device with many unique features to talk about. It’s still relevant even after the arrival of the newer Galaxy S20. So, you can bet on it any day.

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