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Apple iPhone 11 Review – A Smartphone That’s Worth Much More Than Its Price

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Apple’s line of iPhones continues to grow every year and currently, the iconic device available on the market is the iPhone 11. The 2019 models released by Apple featured three variants i.e. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. For starters, here we have the detailed iPhone 11 review to give you some insights into the features this little gadget comes packed with.


The design of the iPhone 11 wasn’t a big upgrade from what we saw in the iPhone XR, the previous release. What Apple did, however, was to bring more color options giving iPhone users the choice to pick from among six different colors by including new mint green and lilac shade.

The device has similar edges as in the iPhone 6, 7, and 8. What’s different here, however, is that most of the frontal space is taken by the bigger 6.1” display. The borders around its screen are slightly thicker as well.


The iPhone 11 comes with a bright enough display that responds pretty well under your finger. The display performance under bright sunlight is also good. Overall, its video and movie streaming playback is also quite strong.


The iPhone 11 Camera could be easily rated as the best feature of the smartphone. It comes with a couple of lenses now. They are both 12MP each and come enclosed in a square glass as they’re raised at the rear of the device.

The iPhone 11 Camera also offers a splendid night mode that makes even the darkest of scenes bright and clear. It also offers an improved Portrait mode as well.

The camera also features an ultra-wide-angle lens as well which brings a wider area in the picture or video you want to shoot. In addition to that, you can expect videos to be more stabilized and better overall.

Water Resistance

Apple’s iPhone 11 offers 30 minutes of water resistance under 2m of water. During the water submersion tests, however, the device proved it could be submerged way beyond what it’s been designed for.

U1 Chip With Spatial Awareness

The iPhone 11 comes with a U1 chip that uses a short-range radio tech for accurately measuring distances between devices. Apple’s claim is that the new U1 chip allows the AirDrop feature of the device to be more accurate and precise when one iPhone 11 is pointed towards the other.

Battery Life

If Apple’s claims are to be believed, the iPhone 11 gives an hour of extra battery life compared to the already impressive iPhone XR. The test results have shown that it can last for up to 27 hours on a low-use day which is pretty impressive for sure. Unfortunately, however, the iPhone 11 doesn’t come with a fast charger packaged into its box. So, you should expect to wait for almost 3 hours to get the battery back up and running.

Overall, iPhone 11 is quite an impressive phone, probably, one of the best we have received from Apple to date. It’s certainly worth an upgrade if you’re planning to ditch your older model.

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