• Taha Khan

Blackberry Key One Review – A Nostalgic Device With Some Productivity On Offer

Touted as one of the most secure Android phones of its time, the Blackberry Key One was introduced with enterprise-level, smart mobile software along with an old-fashioned physical keyboard. With its modern enough faux-leather and stainless steel design, the phone offered a perfect mix of productivity and nostalgia to Blackberry lovers. Want to explore more in detail about the device, here is our complete Blackberry Key One review.


The BlackBerry Key One comes with a typical BlackBerry feel and combines the design elements of the older Priv and the newer DTEK60 phones to give you something more like a stretched-out Passport phone with the keyboard sitting underneath its rectangular touchscreen. It features a textured cover at the back and an aluminum chassis combines with it to maintain its retro feel.


The BlackBerry Key One comes with a 4.5” screen offering a 3:2 aspect ratio. That’s a bit of an issue, however, as a few applications feel a bit odd when running on this small display. It’s particularly the case with video content.