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Apple Watch Series 5 44mm Stainless Steel Review – A Perfect Smartwatch With Tons Of Useful Features

If you’re all for an always-on display on your Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 5 should be a good choice for you. The smartwatch was the first from Apple to come with this novel feature, and it did make a lot of difference. But that wasn’t the only great thing about Apple Watch Series 5 as it had tons of other useful features on offer too. Here we have our complete Apple iWatch Series 5 44mm stainless steel review to give you a little insight into this smart product.


The Apple Watch Series 5 44mm sports the same iconic design as the older Series 4 smartwatch. The slender case measures 10.7mm only and weighs 36 grams. You can barely notice it on the wrist, and its curvy case is designed to be ergonomic. Apple increased the visible screen area with Series 4 watches while keeping the body size the same. It continued the same philosophy with the Series 5 watches, and they carry the same overall design too.


Most smartwatches on the market today come with an always-on display. The key advantage of this feature is that you don’t need to perform a certain gesture to turn the screen on and see what time it is. But you get a bit extra with Apple’s always-on display.

Besides showing you the time, when inactive, the Apple iWatch Series 5 display presents everything on your chosen watch face in a dimmer version. So, you can access your most-used apps and information like battery percentage and weather, etc. Everything is pretty much visible even when the display dims out.

There’s an ambient light sensor in the display that detects the brightness levels of the environment to adjust accordingly. It’s never too dark or too bright.

When using some app, the display goes dim and the background is blurred in periods of inactivity so that you can see the time. There’s an exception for the Workout app where you see all the metrics even if you are not looking at your watch actively.

Fitness & Health Tracking

If you are not hyperfocused on a particular sport, your Apple Watch Series 5 should be the only fitness & health tracker you may need to wear. It can track your steps, hourly movement, calories, relaxation, hours you spend standing, VO2 Max data, and workouts including biking and swimming – and other activities like elliptical training and yoga.

While you may get all of it with other smartwatches too, Apple really stands out by building a comprehensive picture of your overall health as time goes on. Its supplementary tracking feature has actually been a life savior. But you need to keep wearing your watch for a longer period so that it keeps tracking and gathers more information. With more trends becoming apparent over time, it helps you to make necessary changes and improve your lifestyle.

Battery & Performance

If you think that the always-on display of your Apple Watch Series 5 will ruin its battery life, you’re wrong. It can easily last through the day. In fact, it can take you through half of the following day too in a single charge. The battery life also depends on your usage, and you can expect it to reduce if you use fitness tracking or call features for an extended period of time. But, even with that, a day of use is very much possible.

The overall performance is pretty smooth and fast. And, with the focus on efficiency and performance gains, your Apple Watch never gets frustrating.

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