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Airpods Pro Review – Apple’s High-End Audio Device Is Still One Of The Best

Apple launched the AirPods Pro in October 2019 and the device is still competing well on the market even after a couple of years since its launch. The Airpods Pro were the first from Apple’s headphone range to offer the ‘Active Noise Cancellation’ feature and they were also the first device from Apple to offer a noise-isolating design. Even today, they make a great choice for anyone in search of compact and lightweight wireless earbuds that perform well with Apple devices. Let’s have a bit of an Airpods Pro Review and explore what these premium earbuds have to offer.


The Airpods Pro have a larger head compared to previous earbuds from the manufacturer and it holds a couple of black mic vents. There’s another vent on top of its stem that hides another mic. A noteworthy addition to the earbud is a nice silicon ear tip.

The AirPods Pro have a shorter stem as compared to the previous versions and a small notch has been cut into them as well. Squeezing either of them will expose a Force sensor embedded inside through which you can toggle between Transparency and ANC modes.

These earbuds are also rated IPX4 and work fine for heavy sweaters and fitness fanatics. With water- and sweat-resistance, they compete well against Powerbeats Pro and Amazon Echo Buds.


Comfort used to be one of the major concerns when wearing earbuds, but the AirPods Pro are light and don’t have that tight seal. You don’t also have to worry about your earbuds falling out of the ear. There are three silicone ear tips included in the package so that everyone can get a custom, comfortable fit.


The Force Sensor included in the AirPods Pro gives you plenty of touch controls. You can use the touch panel to play/pause and skip tracks while you can also use it to turn the ANC feature On/Off.

You can play/pause and answer/end calls using a single press. With a double-tap, you’d be able to skip the songs forward and if you want to skip backward, a triple tap would do. A long press is required to work with ANC features.

If you are not comfortable pressing the buttons, just tap the skinny stems and access all the features of your earbuds.

Siri Features

Courtesy of the H1 chip in the Apple Airpods Pro, you don’t have to use your hands anymore. AirPods Pro can be used hands-free using Siri. Just say “Hey Siri” and you’d be able to control your earbuds without tapping or touching the control panel.

Audio Quality

All those great features apart, the audio quality is good enough to offer clean and balanced audio that is enjoyable. It competes well with other similar devices on the market, and when you combine that with all the other features on offer here, it will certainly outrank the rest.


The charging case of AirPods Pro gives you more than 24 hours of uptime when it is fully charged. Completely charging your AirPods Pro once will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks for five hours. You get that much with ANC or Transparency mode off, however. With these modes, reduce the uptime by half an hour.

AirPods Pro certainly are the top-of-the-line earbuds on the market even today. You can order with Bulk Mobiles to get your earbuds shipped today. An impeccable audio experience is waiting you!

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