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Samsung Galaxy S10 Review – A Feature-Rich Smartphone That’s A Complete Package

Samsung Galaxy S10 may not be the newest of smartphones on the market today, but it is still competing well with the newer models. It may not excel in one particular area, but collectively it’s a complete package and quite a capable offering. With a versatile camera, an amazing OLED screen, and some enticing features, it’s a great phone to have even today when some of the newer models are making the buzz. Interested in a detailed Samsung Galaxy S10 review? Let’s explore some details about this wonderful device.


Samsung made a few notable design improvements with Galaxy S10 and it came with a couple of hidden surprises as well. The phone features a thinner frame made of aluminum, and its glass body delivers a prime feel. There are multiple color options on offer with the likes of Prism Black, Flamingo Pink, Prism White, Prism Blue, Prism Green, and Canary Yellow.

It has a small camera bump at the back that houses the phone’s triple-lens camera array. It’s a pretty clean look overall and not many modern-day devices afford that luxury. In addition, you can easily use your S10 device one-handed, with its curved edges making the phone feel relatively narrower.


The Galaxy S10 comes with a 6.1” Super AMOLED display with a 19:9 aspect ratio and the display is named the most color-accurate option on the market. Due to the curved edges, the pixels are made to spill over to the sides, while amped-up brightness offers better visibility outdoors. The display offers support for HDR10+ as well to ensure better color and contrast.

The S10 display also offers QHD+ resolution with a 550ppi pixel density making sure that everything appearing on the screen is extremely detailed. The default resolution is, however, set to Full HD+.

The Infinity-O display stands out as the manufacturer has worked things around to avoid that notch cut-out on top. Instead, it uses a laser-cut hole towards the top right side of the screen for embedding the front camera. And, it’s relatively less distracting.


It comes with three rear cameras that include a 12mp main camera with f/1.5 and f/2.4 aperture that it switches between depending on the lighting conditions. Then there’s an ultra-wide 16mp lens and a 12mp telephoto lens for zooming. That certainly makes a versatile camera phone using which you can take some great pictures while experiencing great control through different settings. There’s also a 12mp selfie cam as well that gives sharp and well-exposed pictures.


The S10 remains one of the first smartphones to feature Snapdragon 855. In addition, it features 8GB of RAM that gives it a perfect performance boost. You won’t experience any lags in normal use and the apps are all snappy. It even gives great gaming performance.

Battery Life

The Galaxy S10 comes equipped with a 3400mAh Lithium-ion battery that easily lasts through the day even when you do a lot of battery-intensive tasks. It supports quick charging, Qi wireless charging, and wireless PowerShare.

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