Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – A Phablet That Still Delivers The Punch Even Today

Even though not a modern-day offering, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 still remains a valuable Android phone even today. The phablet is known for its durable, plastic design that delivers a unique fake leather look. The smartphone packs some great features, and if you are looking for a bargain without compromising on value, the Galaxy Note 4 still delivers the punch even today. Let’s have a detailed Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review and see what it packs inside.


The Note 4 doesn’t look plasticky and delivers a unique premium look. The handset is surrounded by a metal rim that shields the entire chassis similar to a velvet rope that protects the celebrities in a club. The style and shape of the phone resemble that of the Galaxy Alpha, and it boasts the same rounded corners as well. However, all that comes with a slightly bigger size. And, due to the increase in size, its plastic rear becomes more noticeable compared to what it is like on its Alpha counterpart.

The design features a 16-megapixels camera at the back along with an LED flash and a heart rate monitor. Towards its bottom corner, the phone has an S Pen stylus that is hidden inside its body. Remove the rear cover and you’ll find a microSD slot and a microSIM port.


The Galaxy Note 4 comes equipped with a 5.7” display that offers improved resolution courtesy of a 2650x1440p quad HD AMOLED screen. The 515ppi pixel density is a leap from 386ppi the manufacturer offered with Note 3’s display. Overall, the display is clear and very sharp.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 16mp lens with dual-LED flash features. Besides, you also get access to auto- and touch-to-focus capabilities. In general, the camera specs are almost the same as that of the Galaxy S5. Where this phablet gets better, however, is the OIS feature that helps fight camera shake so that you could capture better pictures in low light settings. Besides all the good that comes with the rear camera, the front cam also comes with a 90-degree lens which lets you easily fit more people into your selfies.

S Pen

The phablet comes with a stylus that offers increased sensitivity and accuracy. You’d be surprised by the precision you get with Note 4’s S Pen, and it will surely be a perfect handwriting experience for you. It makes sure that even the smallest words are kept legible and the strokes are reproduced on the screen instantaneously to maintain your natural writing flow.


The smartphone does a great job when it comes to overall performance courtesy of its 2.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor. It also comes equipped with 3GB RAM to make processing snappy. The phone also offers 4G support so that you can get access to speedy internet. With the download booster, you can combine your 4G connection and Wi-Fi to make downloads even faster.

Battery Life

The Galaxy Note 4 comes with a big 3220mAh battery that is removable and offers enough uptime. It can easily last through a day on a single charge with moderate-to-heavy use.

Overall, it’s a good phone and can provide a perfect experience even today. For those looking for a bargain, it’s a great choice. If you are interested in buying Galaxy Note 4, place your orders with Bulk Mobile UK – the trusted provider of smartphones, especially on bulk orders.

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