• Taha Khan

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – A Phablet That Still Delivers The Punch Even Today

Even though not a modern-day offering, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 still remains a valuable Android phone even today. The phablet is known for its durable, plastic design that delivers a unique fake leather look. The smartphone packs some great features, and if you are looking for a bargain without compromising on value, the Galaxy Note 4 still delivers the punch even today. Let’s have a detailed Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review and see what it packs inside.


The Note 4 doesn’t look plasticky and delivers a unique premium look. The handset is surrounded by a metal rim that shields the entire chassis similar to a velvet rope that protects the celebrities in a club. The style and shape of the phone resemble that of the Galaxy Alpha, and it boasts the same rounded corners as well. However, all that comes with a slightly bigger size. And, due to the increase in size, its plastic rear becomes more noticeable compared to what it is like on its Alpha counterpart.

The design features a 16-megapixels camera at the back along with an LED flash and a heart rate monitor. Towards its bottom corner, the phone has an S Pen stylus that is hidden inside its body. Remove the rear cover and you’ll find a microSD slot and a microSIM port.