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Nokia Lumia 925 Review – Probably The Best Windows Phone On The Lineup

The Nokia Lumia series has provided some of the best Windows phones with seamlessly smooth polycarbonate bodies. With Nokia Lumia 925, however, the brand introduced metal bodies with a slimmer and more accessible design. Being the best among the lot, it came with some great features, particularly the camera, and offered users a lot to cherish. Explore the handset in detail with our Nokia Lumia 925 review here.


The first metal-body Lumia phone comes with silverish aluminum trim. However, its matte plastic back gives it the feel of the Lumia family. Overall, the design is pretty slim and clean. Towards the right, it has aluminum buttons for volume control and lock/power. Just below its display, the phone has three capacitive navigation buttons that pull up various tools such as task-switching and voice search. Keeping the design classy, the handset groups the charging, headset, and Micro-SIM ports up on the top. At its back, there’s a stylized camera module that pops out a bit and features a dual-LED flash.


Nokia Lumia 925 features a 4.5” WXGA screen that boasts 1280x768px resolution. Its ClearBlack filter helps reduce outdoor glare significantly while the Gorilla Glass 2 is there to offer scratch resistance. The touch screen is sensitive enough that you can navigate it even with your gloves on. With AMOLED screen technology it offers bright colors and the blacks are deep and rich too.


Lumia 925 comes with an 8.7 megapixels camera. While it may not match the competing offerings, it works with Carl Zeiss optics that will satisfy many camera fans. The camera includes some clever features too allowing it to deliver good results in low-light situations. The dedicated hardware camera snapper makes it simple to take photos while minimizing camera shake as you capture them. You can also use it to access the camera from any screen on your device.

The distinctive feature of Lumia 925 is optical image stabilization that uses the gyroscope of the device for detecting when your handset is moved. It triggers the movement of the lens element in the opposite direction to reduce the ‘camera shake’.


Nokia Lumia 925 comes equipped with Qualcomm 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip – the same as in other devices on the lineup. It’s snappy and delivers a seamless experience. Besides, the 1GB RAM makes it perform even better on most intensive tasks.

Battery Life

Nokia Lumia 925 comes equipped with a 2000 mAh battery and that’s fairly standard. While it claims to offer 12.8 hours of talk time, you can expect it to deliver somewhere around 11 hours at least. There’s 18 days of standby time on offer too. So, overall, the battery performs well enough for a Windows phone.

If you are a fan of Windows phones and don’t want to navigate away, Nokia Lumia 925 should be a good choice for you. Just be ready to make a few trade-offs, though. Ready to order? Buy one at Bulk Mobiles UK and get the best prices on the market.

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