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iPhone XR Review – A Strong Contender In Budget-Friendly Modern Day Smartphones

Even though Apple has introduced the iPhone SE to be the most affordable iPhone out there, you can still find iPhone XR budget-friendly and with a full-screen design that’s way more modern compared to that of SE. The iPhone XR leaves the SE counterpart behind in terms of design by bringing you an all-screen display as well as the Face ID notch where the newer SE sticks to the old-school iPhone style with chunkier bezels, Touch ID, and a home key. In short, if you want a modern Apple iPhone while keeping the price to a minimum, the iPhone XR definitely makes the cut.

Let’s have a complete iPhone XR review and find out what it’s good for.


The XR comes with a thicker design as there are chunkier bezels on the sides and it gives a much thicker feel when you hold it in your hands. When you look at it, however, it gives a smooth feel and seems a pretty rounded design imitating the popular iPhone 7/iPhone 8 form. This phone can simply be regarded as the full-screen version of those iPhones.

Liquid Retina Display

The iPhone XR also boasts of a different LCD type; it’s a screen that has been designed to allow for a curved, ‘all-screen’ display. Apple calls it Liquid Retina display and it is pretty sharp and colorful and it makes things feel closer to those higher-end OLED displays. It’s among the major differences you should be considering before choosing a less-costly iPhone.


Even though the iPhone XR features the same primary lens as iPhone XS, it doesn’t come with a second telephoto sensor. It does some fancy software tricks to compensate for this loss.

The iPhone XR doesn’t allow you to zoom in as far as you’d be able to do with the telephoto lens. Besides, the portrait mode that is used for blurring the background is not equally effective either.

The cameras, however, remain the same with a 7MP front cam and a 12-MP rear cam. They all use the latest smart HDR technology from Apple.


Apple has used the A12 Bionic processors in the iPhone XR devices giving it some modest gains in speed when it comes to everyday usage. It also helps with some graphics boost as well.

The handset comes with 3GB RAM which is on the lower side compared to the iPhone XS that features 4GB RAM. The biggest jump in performance, however, could be noticed with the web-rendering times as the A12 chips are lightning-fast with Javascript, and with the update to the Safari browser, it’s going to get even faster.

Battery Life

The iPhone XR comes with a 2942mAh battery which is good enough to last for around 13 hours for your everyday use like emails, browsing, Slack, and other apps. If you watch lots of videos or play video games, you’ll need to charge your device before you go to bed. Other than that, the battery life is pretty reliable.

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