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LG G4 Review – A Fast And Powerful Device With Not Much To Lose

LG G4 is a stellar handset that comes with a host of amazing features to satisfy your needs. From quick processing speeds to a big, bright display, G4 offers it all. Not to forget, the camera is a gem in itself too. Overall, it’s a powerful device that will give you an enjoyable experience. Continue reading our LG G4 review and you’ll be surprised to see what this little gadget packs inside.


LG G4 comes with a couple of design options – one is touted to be the premium device its back features a leather cover while the other has polycarbonate on its back with a unique diamond pattern. The premium model does feel a bit more comfortable and warmer when held, setting it apart from its plastic counterpart.

On the front, its design is almost the same as that of its predecessor. To set it apart, the corners are made a bit sharper and the speaker grille on the top is made shorter too. LG G4 is also bigger in dimensions and has a noticeably longer chin. The height is also increased to 5.86” as well – a slight improvement from the older handset.

It also comes with rear keys as usual and you can easily find them with the ridged effect setting them apart from the other phone elements.


LG G4 comes with a 5.5” LCD display boasting a razor-sharp Quad-HD touchscreen. The display gives you incredibly crisp graphics, images, movies, and text with 2560x1440px resolution as well as 534ppi pixel density. According to the manufacturer’s claims, the phone features an IPS Quantum Display that offers a 20% wider range of colors and is 25% brighter from what was featured in the older devices. It is also equipped with a better contrast ratio of 1500:1.


The camera is one of the features that shine the most in the LG G4. It has a 16mo back camera with an f/1.8 aperture, designed specifically to give spectacular shots in low-light situations. Besides, it offers great control by letting you choose your desired settings for almost any area of your snapper. You get RAW support, for instance, and you’ll love it if you’re more photographic-minded. The ‘Simple’ and ‘Auto’ modes are also there to allow you to capture snaps whenever you like and get the best photos without any hassle. It also offers great features like image stabilization, fast laser focus, and a color spectrum sensor to give you the best shots possible. The front camera helps you fulfill your video chatting and selfie requirements with an 8mp shooter.


LG G4 packs a 6-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor chip and features 3GB of RAM to give you a powerful experience no matter how you may want to use this device. It does not exhibit any lags and the animations don’t stutter either. There is NFC support available as well along with top services like Google Wallet.


LG G4 comes with a swappable 3000mAh battery that easily lasts one full day when put to heavy use. For lighter, routine use, it may even make it into the second day. Unfortunately, it lacks quick charging and wireless charging features.

Overall, it’s a great phone to have and gives powerful performance day in and day out. You can order one with Bulk Mobiles UK and get your hands on a wonderful device today!

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