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iPhone XS Max Review – The Big iPhone With High-End Specs

iPhone XS Max was the biggest iPhone on the lineup when it was released in 2018. Almost everyone wanted to grab the premium larger-screened handset, but it wasn’t that affordable. Still, the phone carries some high-end specs and offers a bigger screen, more pixels, and improved battery life compared to the smaller iPhone XS at only $100 extra. What else does it pack? Let’s explore in our iPhone XS Max Review.


From the looks of it, the design of the iPhone XS Max is a bit deceptive. With its rounded sides, the smartphone gets a noticeably thick feel. As a result, the XS Max doesn’t seem to comfortably sit in the hands. However, when compared to other phones, while it felt thicker, it actually wasn’t. That’s because of its tapered edges.

Ignore its chunkier feel for a moment, it offers a huge display that is pretty usable courtesy of its unique form factor. It boasts a new glass formulation on its front and rear, and it is surrounded by a steel frame. Overall, it’s tougher and gives a premium feel to the device.

The big iPhone lacks a headphone jack and you get the Lightning port in a more centralized position, alongside the microphone and speaker holes on its base.


The only thing that sets iPhone XS Max apart from the smaller iPhone XS is the screen. The bigger device comes with a 6.5” OLED display with 2688x1242 resolution. It is just amazing and one of the best displays around when it comes to vibrancy and colors. You can have a, particularly, impressive experience watching movies on your iPhone XS Max. Like all other OLED phones from Apple, it comes with Dolby Vision support to give you a wonderful experience with iTunes movies and Netflix.


There’s a protruding model on its rear that houses a couple of 12mp cameras positioned vertically and separated by a Quad-Led True Tone flash. These include a telephoto lens with f/1.8 aperture and a wide-angle camera with f/2.4 aperture.

The iPhone XS Max camera also offers a Smart HDR mode that helps improve pictures with high contrast so that all the areas on your photos are very detailed and well-lit. The latest dual-camera setup from Apple also increases the pixel size and, as a result, the iPhone XS Max pulls in relatively more light and delivers better low-light results.

The front camera is a 7mp shooter that also takes advantage of the Smart HDR mode. Besides, it also includes a portrait mode as well.


The iPhone XS Max comes equipped with the first 7nm chipset from Apple – the A12 Bionic. The processor chip comes with an improved 8-core neural engine that can perform up to 5 trillion operations a second – a significant upgrade from 600 billion in the older A11 Bionic. It accelerates machine learning and can boost overall performance. Everything works instantly from unlocking to running apps to multitasking and app switching.

Battery Life

Of course, you get a better and improved battery life as compared to the iPhone X. In a single charge, you can expect your iPhone XS Max’s 3174mAh Li-Ion battery to last through a day of moderate-to-high usage.

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