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Blackberry Q20 Classic – A Truly Classic Handset For The QWERTY Lovers

The Blackberry Q20 Classic is the signature business-focused handset from the Canadian manufacturer. If you have always wanted a phone with a physical keyboard for emailing and other routine business stuff, the Blackberry Classic should be a top choice for you. But is it equally good for everyone else? Let’s explore in our Blackberry Q20 Classic review.


As you’d expect, the Classic boasts a more old-school design that is unmistakably Blackberry. However, the manufacturer still managed to give it a new bold look. It comes with a new metal band surrounding its edge and the sealed back, making the battery non-removable. Towards the side, you can also find a nano SIM card slot as well as a microSD card slot to extend storage. There are three holes at the bottom of the device for a micro USB cable, a speaker, and a microphone.

The phone has a nice textured plastic back to allow for comfortable handling. You can also use your Blackberry Classic one-handed for most tasks unless they don’t require quick text typing.


The Blackberry Q20 features a 3.5” perfectly square LCD display that boasts 720x720p resolution along with a 294ppi pixel density. The Q20’s LCD unit combines accurate colors with truly impressive brightness and sunlight legibility to offer a perfect viewing experience. The only issue you might have to face with the display is with the viewing angles. That would happen because of the non-IPS nature of the display.


The Blackberry Classic features an 8MP rear camera with a single LED flash that delivers reasonable quality photos in conditions with ample light. It requires the subject to be steady though. The autofocus is not too bad either and often makes intelligent suggestions as you capture photos using new camera modes. By default, you get 1:1 square photos at 2448x2448px resolution. It’s essentially a cropped version of the 4:3 shooting mode that takes the resolution to 3264x2448px and is the recommended shooting mode.

You also get touch focus and digital zoom capabilities with your Q20 camera. Besides, the camera is pretty accurate with contrast and exposure, and you can expect well-exposed images.


The classic has a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm 8960 at its core and is supported by 2GB of RAM. You don’t really get the phone to stutter or lack as you bounce between emails or snap photos. However, if you take your Q20 Classic out of its comfort zone, things may get a bit less rosy. But, if you want to use your handset only for business-related stuff, it won’t disappoint you.

Battery Life

The Blackberry Q20 Classic comes equipped with a non-removable 2515mAh battery that you can expect to easily last through the day. In fact, it will give you some downtime at home before requiring a recharge. The battery-saving mode can get things to look even better.

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