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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Review – A Smaller, Handier Flagship With A Big Screen

The Galaxy Note brand from Samsung is all about big screens and powerful devices. But when the manufacturer introduced the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, it played smart by delivering on its big screen promise in a smaller, handier device. While the handset boasts a super-bright screen and a solid battery life, it’s the phenomenally compact design that sets it apart. It is, probably, the most compact big-screen device around. Let’s explore more about this flagship in our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 review.


The obvious design change for this handset is its compact dimensions, and how well it accommodates everything is just impeccable. The Galaxy Note 10 isn’t just smaller compared to the older Note 9, but it is thinner and lighter too. With dimensions of 72 x 151 x 7.9mm, Samsung did a great job by introducing a full-screen, almost bezel-free display into this device. There’s a little punch-hole camera in the middle of the screen, but it’s relatively less intrusive compared to other devices embracing the concept. The fingerprint scanner has been embedded under the screen as well.

At its bottom, you’ll find a USB-C connecter in the middle, and moving to the right you’ll find the speaker and the slot for the S-Pen. The SIM tray is available at the top. The power button and the volume rocker are placed on the left-hand edge of the device. The glass back and the metal frame lend it a premium feel.


The Galaxy Note 10 Pro comes with a 6.3” AMOLED display with 2280x1080px FULL HD resolution and 401ppi pixel density. There’s HDR10+ tech implemented, and the display does look impressive despite the fact it’s not a QHD screen. In regular use, you won’t even notice that. It is a bright screen, and everything is quite legible.


On the rear, the Galaxy Note 10 features a triple-camera setup with a 12MP wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide shooter for capturing 123-degree pictures, and a 12MP telephoto lens for bokeh-effect. You also get a 2x optical zoom capability with this camera setup. While the cameras are the same as the ones that came in the Galaxy S10 devices, the recent software updates have made them a touch better, bringing a few camera features from the Galaxy S20 like Single Take, Night Hyperlapse, etc.

On the front, you get a punch-hole 10mp camera that gives a satisfactory experience. The selfies it takes are good enough for social media use.


The Galaxy Note 10 is snappy, and it offers a worthwhile experience courtesy of the Snapdragon 855 CPU at its core. While not the newest of chips around, it is powerful enough for most users.

When it was launched, the device was among the first few to offer a UFS 3.0 storage that ensured faster read/write speeds. It offers 256GB of space along with 8GB of RAM to give you seamless performance whether you’re an average user or an avid gamer.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 packs a 3500mAh battery that can easily last through a full day of regular use. For those days of heavier usage, you might have to recharge your device in the evening. It does support fast charging, though.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a handy device to own, and its compact design makes it more desirable. If you’re looking for a smarter flagship, this is the one for you. Check out the best deals at Bulk Mobiles UK, and you’re sure to find a good handset at a competitive price!

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