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Nokia 3310 Review – The Reinvented Device For The Modern-Day Users

Nokia 3310 used to be one of the go-to choices for mobile phone users back in the 2000s. But with the evolution of mobile devices and the arrival of smartphones, it gradually went off the scene and was discontinued. In 2017, however, Nokia decided to give their old phone a facelift and make it somewhat a friendly device for a modern-day user. How successful they were in their effort? You’ll find out in our Nokia 3310 review here.


In the first look, the new Nokia 3310 looks pretty much the same as the older device, but it’s a little more attractive than the original model. To give the users a retro throwback, the manufacturer has included a distinctive border around its screen as well as the ‘num’ keys layout. It looks like a modern-day device with its slimmed-down footprint and that also makes it easy to put into your pocket.

A bigger screen takes the front that stretches all the way up, and the lower half features chunkier, rounder buttons. A small, lightweight device, it measures 116x51x12.8mm. It’s a tough phone with a solid build quality and an attractive finish.


Nokia 3310 comes with a TFT display that is pretty basic and offers 240x320 resolution and 167ppi pixel density. However, it still looks bright and is a full-color display. Unfortunately, but quite understandably, the viewing angles aren’t too great. Still, it is pretty impressive considering the price you have to pay for this device.


The revamped Nokia 3310 features a camera as well. However, it is a pretty basic 2mp camera that may not offer you too much. So, don’t expect any top-of-the-line features as it’s a point-and-shoot camera that comes with a built-in zoom. The photo quality is low and the camera may best be used for capturing important information or other similar stuff. It also lacks a selfie snapper.


The phone runs on the feature phone OS from Nokia i.e. Nokia Series 30+. It is more basic in nature but does have a range of basic apps and functions to offer. Browsing can take longer on your new Nokia 3310, but you will still find its web browser to be a useful feature. The phone is 2.5G compatible and that’s a bit of a disappointment because you can’t get higher 3G/4G data speeds. It also lacks a Wi-Fi feature.

App Store

The phone also has an app store that allows you to download apps and games. There’s a limited selection available in the app store though.

Battery Life

Nokia 3310 comes with a big battery for this type of phone that delivers great battery life, just like the original device. It has a 1200mAh removable battery that gives you 22 hours of talk time with around 31 days of standby. It uses a micro USB for charging.

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