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iWatch Series 3 38mm Review – A Powerful Wearable To Own Even Today

Apple Watch Series 3 was first introduced back in 2017, and we have had multiple subsequent watch models after that, but the budget watch offering from Apple is still relevant. Despite its low price tag, it comes with some solid features and is compatible with watchOS 6 too. From snappy processor and cellular connectivity to great fitness tracking, there’s a lot to talk about this Apple Watch. Let’s reveal more in our iWatch Series 3 38mm review.


Apple didn’t navigate away from its iconic Apple Watch design with the release of the Series 3 Apple Watch. The only noticeable change is that its chassis is slightly thicker than the ones available today. The Digital Crown of the watch feels firmer compared to the older Apple Watch 2, a slight upgrade, but it lacks haptic feedback – a feature introduced with the Series 4 Apple Watch. Other than that, the only difference you can find on its Digital Crown is the red dot that signifies it is a new model. It is pretty comfortable to wear as well and sports a smooth silicon band.


The iWatch Series 3 retains the same square display as the older models, but it is a bit more rounded compared to the previous iterations. As a result, it looks more curved but is still pretty much square.

The watch comes equipped with a 1.65” OLED screen that offers some rich colors and deep blacks to top its 272x340 pixels resolution. So, you may not find it as crisp as the Series 6 watches, but it still offers everything you need for graphics and short text.


It is pretty simple to set up your Apple Watch Series 3 if you have an iPhone 6S running iOS 13 or later. In that case, you’ll find the Apple Watch app pre-installed on your handset. Just turn on your Bluetooth and launch the app before scanning the watch face using your iPhone camera. The iPhone will need some details then including your Apple ID, the wrist you’re wearing the watch on, the apps you wish to install on your iWatch, and if you need to secure it with a passcode. The devices sync after you have provided all the details, and you’ll be ready to start using your Apple Watch.


The Apple Watch Series 3 comes equipped with the S3 chipset from Apple and sports a dual-core 64-bit processor as well as a GPU. You may not find it among the snappiest of watches available today, but it can still perform most tasks without any lags. It swipes through the screens seamlessly and opens apps without any delay.

Battery Life

Battery life has been a bit of an issue with the Apple Watch Series 3, despite all the great features on offer. It’s pretty much similar to what you get on the Series 2 Watch and will last through the day and the evening at most when GPS is not in use for exercise. With GPS, expect it to last for almost five hours only.

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