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iPhone 12 Review – Something Worth An Upgrade For iPhone Lovers

iPhone 12 has finally arrived and will start shipping from October 23. The Cupertino-based manufacturer has loaded its latest offering with some usual upgrades such as an improved camera and a speedier processer. And, there’s more than that as the new Apple iPhone 12 comes with a revamped design, OLED display, and a completely new charging and accessory system using MagSafe. It also supports 5G connectivity and that’s one of its highlighting features. Let’s explore in more detail in this iPhone 12 review as to what the new iPhones have to offer. Design The new iPhone 12 is not just smaller, it boasts of a flat screen and flat sides. It’s been long since iPhones have featured curved edges and that’s changed now with the release of iPhone 12. The flat edges are complemented by beveled corners allowing users to hold their new phone quite comfortably. The glossy rear glass, however, can pick up fingerprints and you’d be better off putting it into a case. Overall, the design feels quite elegant as compared to the older models. And, its smaller size is deemed quite a plus of this new iPhone. Screen and Display The smaller size of the new iPhone 12 was possible in the first place because Apple switched to OLED displays in these devices. With OLED in place, the bezel size was reduced keeping the viewable screen exactly the same at 6.1” as it came in previous iPhone 11 models. In addition to that, the pixel count has now become 1170x2532 which makes the display even better. The new OLED screens also offer a better contrast and HDR which makes them quite an improvement. Besides, the colors are accurate as they have always been. Magsafe Another new introduction in the latest iPhone 12 is Magsafe, a new ecosystem for attaching stuff to your iPhone’s back using magnets. This can include everything from cases, wireless chargers, and car mounts to wallets and gimbals among a lot of other stuff. The new Magsafe charger could be attached to the back of your iPhone and then it charges your device wirelessly. The device features an extra NFC chip to allow Magsafe to identify what has been attached. Performance The new iPhone 12 comes with an A14 Bionic chip which certainly is the most powerful processor to have ever been featured in a smartphone. Now, the games would load faster without lag, web surfing would be hassle-free, and you’d need to reload fewer apps when multitasking. In everyday use, however, you might not notice any big difference in speed from the older iPhone 11. Cameras When it comes to cameras, it comes with a 12MP duo camera setup featuring wide and ultra-wide lenses. The former performs even better when used in low-light settings and both these cameras can be used with the Night Mode now. The front camera has also been upgraded and its 12MP sensor functions in very much the same fashion as the ultra-wide sensor at the back. Now, you can also use Night Mode with from camera as well. Battery Life The latest iPhone 12 seems to be just average when it comes to battery life. Put it to heavier use, and it will take you through most part of the day – almost 17-18 hours if you push it. With lighter use, you may also sail through the night too. So, if you are in love with Apple’s iPhones, you should be looking to upgrade now. The new device will start shipping on October 23. And, if you're ready to order, Bulk Mobiles is your trusted provider!

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