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iPhone 11 Pro Review - A True Compact Powerhouse To Wrap Your Hand Around

Apple iPhone 11 Pro is one of the latest offerings from the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer and it does offer great performance in a small package. The smartphone boasts of some high-tech features including a triple rear camera setup that features an ultra-wide lens, better Smart HDR, and a novel Night mode. But it’s not just the camera that makes iPhone 11 Pro a wonderful phone to have. In fact, there is a lot more to explore. Let’s delve into our iPhone 11 Pro Review and find out what else is there.


A quick look at your new iPhone 11 Pro from the back and you’ll fall for it. There’s a triple camera setup dominating the top left, and they really look a little intimidating initially. Even though you get friendly colors with your iPhone 11, the Pro alternative comes in conservative hues such as gold, silver, space gray, and midnight green. The back is, however, given a frosted matte finish which lends it a more subtle look. It’s also pretty easy to grip.

A couple of things feel a bit off about the design as well. First, it’s a little heavier compared to iPhone XS and is slightly thicker and wider as well. Secondly, the front looks almost identical to the recent iPhones.


The iPhone 11 Pro comes unchanged as far as the screen size is concerned and features the same 5.8” screen. The display is a little brighter, however, and it becomes pretty evident when you view your iPhone outdoors in the sun with the maximum brightness reaching 800 nits as long as you have normal content to view.

And, when you are viewing HDR videos, the brightness goes as high as 1200 nits. The smartphone also offers Dolby Vision and HDR 10 support. Besides, the iPhone 11 Pro offers Dolby Atmos sound that simulates the surround sound usually associated with the stereo speakers.


The rear camera boasts three lenses, which offer immense potential with computational photography, the new iPhone 11 Pro offers a phenomenally ambitious imaging stack.

You get three 12-mp sensors that all come with a different lens type and offer a completely unique perspective of whatever you want to capture. Similar to the older iPhone X and iPhone XS, you also get a secondary telephoto lens offering 2x optical zoom. However, the one in the iPhone 11 Pro comes with a widened aperture to ensure more light comes in. Besides, the ultra-wide lens offers a 120-degree field of view.

The camera improvements expand to software as well with the novel Night Mode now allowing iPhones to compete with Huawei and Google’s benchmark performance in low light settings.


It’s not surprising that iPhone 11 Pro is one of the fastest phones around featuring A13 Bionic chip. You get 20% faster speeds with CPU, GPU, and machine-learning. The smartphone offers great speeds with video editing and exporting as well.

Battery Life

The iPhone 11 Pro comes equipped with a 3046 mAh Li-Ion battery which consistently lasts for more than a day. Even with the heavier usage, you can expect it to last for almost one and a half days.

So, if you want a compact package without compromising on performance, iPhone 11 Pro is certainly your thing. Order with Bulk Mobiles UK today and avail instant discounts without compromising on quality.

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