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HTC One M9 Plus Review – An Improved M9 That Makes Heads Turn

If you have a lot of good to talk about the older HTC One M9, you’ll have a lot more about the newer HTC One M9 Plus. With an improved ultra HD display and finger scanners installed, this phone certainly gives you the value for the buck. It’s a reliable handset with choppy performance and won’t disappoint you at all. Want to know more about the high-end device? Let’s explore it in our HTC One M9 Plus Review.


One of the key highlights of the HTC ONE M9 Plus is its large display. To accommodate that, its body has been expanded slightly over the previous model. The phone is built 2mm taller and 6mm wider, but the manufacturers managed to keep it as sleek as the older one.

We still have one-piece metal construction with a silver brushed metal back and rose-gold edges like the older model. Just like the M9, it’s a premium-feeling Android with a luxurious metal finish. On the front, you can find the Boomsound speakers that reside both above the display and below it. There’s a fingerprint scanner in the center of the speaker at the bottom, and it’s snappy.

Flip the handset, and you’ll spot two camera sensors, including the Duo Camera of M8 and a 20-mp main camera of M9. Other than that, the design is pretty much the same as that of M9.


The HTC One M9 Plus comes with a 5.2” Super LCD3 display. While it hasn’t got bigger, the display does offer a significantly improved 2560x1440px Quad HD resolution and a 564ppi pixel density. It is extremely crisp and sharp if nothing more. If you compare it with the older M9’s display, it easily looks a lot better. In fact, the display is something that puts this phone at par with the other competing devices.


With the camera setup, HTC decided to pair the M8’s Duo Camera with the new 20-mp main sensor of M9. As a result, this camera is capable of refocusing shots once they are captured. On the front, you get a 4mp UltraPixel camera, and it delivers some high-quality selfies.

The camera app is minimalistic as usual, giving you quick toggles so that you can switch between cameras seamlessly. It also allows you to capture panorama shots just with a simple swipe on the viewfinder. Split Capture and Photo Booth are also there.

Photos shot with full resolution have a lot of detail, particularly when working with the 20mp camera. When the light conditions are just right, you can expect some good-looking shots. However, the dynamic range could have been improved further.


Another significant improvement with the HTC One M9+ is the processor. Here, you get an octa-core Media Tek MT6795T chip that clocks at 2.2 GHz. The performance is snappy, backed by its 3GB RAM and PowerVR G6200.

In everyday use, you’ll have a very responsive and fluid experience navigating through different UI elements and launching apps. However, you can expect mixed results when multi-tasking.

Battery Life

The HTC One M9 Plus features a non-removable 2840 mAh battery, and it lasts for anywhere around 14 to 16 hours of normal usage. Of course, you should expect it to come down a little on days of heavy use.

Overall, it’s a good improvement over HTC One M9 and should give you the value for your money. If you are ready to grab your M9+, start exploring the best deals at Bulk Mobiles UK.

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