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Apple iPhone X Review – The iPhone Reboot That Took The Market By Storm

Apple has long been the market leader when it comes to smartphones, and iPhone X was one of their prime offering in recent years. Even though it’s not been sold officially today with newer models introduced by Apple, it will still be a good choice if you can get your hands at it. From updated iOS to multiple other improved features, iPhone X can certainly give you everything you might be looking for in a modern device. Let’s have a detailed Apple iPhone X review and see what this handset has on offer.


Apple iPhone X simply looks gorgeous! The manufacturer gave it a slight height bump from the older iPhone 8, and it was smaller and narrower compared to the iPhone 8 Plus devices. Honestly, for a device with a 5.8” display, Apple did manage to strike that perfect balance in terms of dimensions with its iPhone X offering.

The sides are made using stainless steel instead of aluminum, while it has glass on its front and back. With iPhone X, Apple also got rid of that extensive bezel that iPhone 8 was notoriously known for. However, it also meant that Apple had to get rid of its signature Home button that featured in all devices until that point. It also meant no TouchID and, instead, Apple chose to bring iPhone X with a facial recognition feature.


The iPhone X features a 5.8” OLED display that turned out to be the best display to feature in an iPhone before the introduction of the iPhone XS. The screen boasts clear and vibrant colors and it will blaze into your eyes as soon as you pick up your handset. The sharpness, image quality, and even the fact that it fills up the entire front of the device makes it leap ahead of the older iPhone 8 models.

Though it may not be the most colorful or the sharpest screen to feature in a smartphone, it is still very crisp and clean. Overall, it is a wonderful display from every angle.


iPhone X camera is pretty similar to what featured in the iPhone 8 Plus and there are only a few minor differences. It is a dual 12 megapixels sensor array with f/2.4 aperture on iPhone X where the aperture on the older model was f/2.8. On the front, we have a 7 megapixels TrueDepth camera, and its smart capabilities make it one of the top selfie cameras out there. Both the cameras produce great results and they are much better in the low light settings than before.


Powered by A11 Bionic chip, the iPhone X is super-fast with 3GB of RAM adding to its speeds further. Talking about the A11 Bionic, it’s a 6-core processor chip that includes 2 high-power cores and 4 low-power cores to allow it to manage all the routine stuff with ease. The device features dual speakers to produce good sound quality as well. The nicely tuned base with lots of detail makes it a good choice for YouTube stuff and more. Call quality is also great and the noise-canceling microphones do a great job. Overall, it’s a thumbs-up for performance.


The iPhone X packs a 2716mAh battery, which makes it a touch better than what we had on older iPhones. It is equipped with a wireless charging feature too. In real-world tests, the battery lasted for more than 12 hours with heavy use.

If you are looking for a bargain, iPhone X comes cheaper than the newest iPhones and offers plenty of features to be proud of. Buy one at Bulk Mobiles UK and grab the best deal on the market.

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