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Apple iPhone 13 Mini Review – A Mini Phone That Excels On Every Front

Apple’s iPhone 13 Mini was the smallest phone to feature in its 2021 lineup. Despite its small size, however, it offered most of the features of its larger fellow – the iPhone 13. The phone came out with some big upgrades to the previous Mini in terms of camera and battery life. But that’s not all about it. Let’s explore more about the smallest flagship phone from Apple in our Apple iPhone 13 Mini review.


Very similar in looks to the larger iPhone 13, the only notable difference is that the iPhone 13 Mini is smaller in size. It’s a premium phone with a 5.4” screen size and boasts a high-quality build. Thanks to its small size, the phone is nice and comfortable to hold, and you can easily use it single-handedly.

The back of the phone is made with glass and uses the Ceramic Shield technology of the company. It makes the phone relatively stronger as compared to other iPhone models that lack this technology. The camera module is also placed diagonally at the back, and it protrudes out of the phone.

The flat matte aluminum sides of the handset look pretty much similar to the iPhone 5 or iPhone SE. There’s a power button on the phone’s right edge and a silence switch on the left. The left side is also home to the SIM tray and volume buttons. The bottom of the device hosts the speaker grilles with the Lightning port in between.


The Mini comes with a small 5.4” display with a 20% smaller notch that gives you a slightly increased screen area. It’s a top-tier Super Retina XRDR OLED display with 1080x2340p resolution. It’s a brighter display but not as fluid as the 120Hz screens as it sports the standard 60Hz refresh rate. Other than that, it’s a great screen, and you can expect a perfect streaming or gaming experience despite its small size.


The iPhone 13 Mini is equipped with a dual-camera setup at the back. The main camera is a 12MP wide-angle lens and another 12MP ultra-wide shooter. Apple claims to have used a bigger wide camera sensor to let 47% more light in. Besides, the ultra-wide lens is faster and reveals greater detail in the photos’ dark areas. There is no zoom lens on the iPhone 13 Mini.

The front camera is a 12MP snapper with an f/2.2 aperture. It’s a capable camera and captures good quality selfies and videos.

The photos captured in good lighting conditions look fantastic. The blurry background in portrait shots looks realistic most of the times. There are slight improvements made to the HDR mode, and the phone also features a new Cinematic Video mode. You can call it the portrait mode for videos.


The iPhone 13 Mini packs the A15 Bionic chip inside. It’s an extremely powerful chipset and can easily load and run several apps. Combine it with 4GB of RAM, and it means business. You won’t see the smartphone struggling or stuttering with any games or apps. As for storage, you can choose from 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB alternatives.


Being the smallest phone in the lineup, the iPhone 13 Mini doesn’t have much space for a big battery. So, you get only a 2438mAh battery that, obviously, is not so impressive.

Small and powerful, the iPhone 13 Mini is the same size as the previous iteration, but it offers much better endurance. It packs some serious features and excels on every front. Start looking for a bargain now at Bulk Mobiles UK and find yourself a perfect deal.

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