Frequently asked questions

Are your handsets refurbished?

Our handsets are cosmetically new. From our time i the business we have established relations with brand Sourcing Centres to bring you ex company and clearance stock which are 14 day return devices. All handsets will therefore be Factory sealed new like a purchase from the brand themselves, at their standard. http:llwww.bulkmobiles.co.uk/gallery

Why are your Samsung prices so high?

Our Samsung prices are actually one of the lowest in the market! We can guarantee this because we have close relations with our Sourcing Centres. The problem is the market has many Samsungs that are illegitimately selling US model Samsung phones "flashed" or "rooted" to function in the UK/Europe. US model Samsungs retail at nearly 30% lower and that is because the UK has special requirements and guideleines for handsets to follow. We only sell the genuine non flashed or non rooted Samsung models and you can be sure when we say F model this is the genuine F model. Buying a fake Samsung F model for the UK/Europe will mean apps such as banking, socials such as Snapchat and Twitter will have serious functionality problems resulting in your customers having issues and asking for a refund/return. In addition having a fake Samsung F model in the wrong region will mean your customers or users of the phone will not be able to update their device! https://insights.samsung.com/2019/05/29/what-are-the-security-risks-of-rooting-your-smartphone/?awc=18739_1597402277_10b002b3c43ee0b9abd270c6fd2fd7e8 https://www.reddit.com/r/GalaxyS7/comments/96qh39/my_g930tg930u_does_not_work_in_some_european/

How long till my order ships?

Once you place an order and receive an invoice, after this please allow for 3 days to receive your tracking number. All our items follow a 3 day QC testing to our factory and brand's standards.

Why isn't my tracking number working?

Our most commonly used courier partner is Royal Mail. When you receive your delivery update email you will see your delivery courier as well as the tracking info to follow your parcel. Please allow for 3/4 days for this to update on their website. Note: This 3/4 days waiting time is a system time for showing you the most relevant part of your parcels journey. It DOES NOT mean your parcel is sitting around in this period.

Why am I being charged a 15% admin fee for my return?

Our logistics can be quite complex and the hours that go into product sourcng and QC within the business and business partners. As these costs as well as our delivery to yourself cannot be returned it goes towards this and other processing.

Will you cover return costs?

Return costs are at the expense of the buyer as well as responsibility for the items carriage until it reaches ourselves.